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Our Family

about us

We are a family run business committed to providing the highest quality raw food for dogs, with an emphasis on fresh and natural ingredients. Our ingredients are sourced locally and carefully prepared to ensure that each meal is full of nutrition and flavor. We strive to provide the best nutrition for your pet, so they can thrive and live their best life.

HuLu Raw Dog Food is the perfect choice for pet owners looking for a healthy, balanced diet for their pet.

Our Inspiration

Hugo and Lucy

In the winter 2019 we found Lucy stranded in the streets in -20 degree weather. She was filthy, hungry, scared, and showing signs of aggression.

It took us two hours and several cooked chicken breast later to get her in the car with us.

After a few bites to the arms and hands, we were able to drive off with her.

Despite trying to find her owners or a loving family to take her, we fell in love and decided she would be part of our family.

Raw food was recommended by a fellow dog lover that would help Lucy with her anxious behaviours and also help reduce allergens

in our house as one of our sons is allergic to dogs. So we decided to give it a try.

It made a huge difference with Lucy's health, coat and well being.

She is a completely different dog from that first night we found her.

Once we got our puppy, Hugo, we knew raw food was the only thing we would feed him. After making several batches of bowl

licking good food for them, we thought we would share with other dog lovers too.

Hopefully we can inspire others to look into the benefits of feeding their fur babies a raw food diet too!


Yours Very Truly,

Sandra ,Ron & the rest of the Crew! 

Meet Our Dogs

At HuLu Raw Dog Food, we believe our dogs are our inspiration for giving them the very best. That's why we prepare natural, wholesome meals with a commitment to keep our doggy-customers healthy and happy. We do this with love and passion for our four-legged family members, so they can enjoy every meal as much as we do.

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